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From requirements to handoff, we work with you along every step of the process to build the perfect solution for your business.

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Our team is experiences in a wide range of industries, and deeply cares about the tech we build. We have a proven track record in the following fields of the industry.


From complex Learning Management Systems to simple content consumption applications, we have the experience needed to tackle any challange that faces us.

Member Management

Don't let your employees drown in the noise of complex Project Management systems. Creating a custom solution, will drastically change your business' prodcution capabilities.


Weather you have 5 products, or 5000, we can build a solution that works for you, the way you have always wanted it to. From insight to checkout, we can customize every step.


Up-and-coming artists deserve a platform that is easy to manage, and doesn't strangle you with overhead costs. Talk to us about launching your own portfolio, to show off all your amazing creations.

Customer Relation

Marketing to your audiance shouldn't be a hassle. Weather it is for your newsletters, promotions, or online workshops, our team got you covered. We have built battle tested solutions to help you connect with all your customers, the way they deserve to.


Don't settle for an antiquated video platform. Launch your own application that supports all your multi-media content, without the need to compromise on quality.

Our Projects and Guides

Get every detail about our projects and how we were able to not only solve the problems at hand, but also connect with our clients to cater to all of their needs.

Case study

NCRM Academy

Hear how NCRMA said goodbye to boring training modules that lasted weeks, and transformed their online Academy into a massive content powerhouse. From PowerPoints and pre-recorded online workshops, to interactive video content that will keep the employee engaged, and online webinars that don't "just end" after the event finished.

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Case study

OverallGaming - Manage your players in a revolutionary way

Using the latest technologies, we are building a completely new way to not only manager your e-sport players but also match them up with an equal opponent. Learn how we utilized player statistics to connect plays and coaches with prospective teams, and each other.

Dániel Bence Papp's avatar Dániel Bence Papp
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Our Team

Meet the engineers who are responsible for all the amazing projects we are responsible for.

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Dániel Bence Papp

Founder & CEO

Dániel is the starting point when it comes to Triple P Digital. The founder, the owner, and the engineer.

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